Juggling Act

When it comes to training on and off the bike, I am beginning to realize the importance of knowing when you’re feeling good, knowing when you’re not, and (most importantly) what to do afterwards. I’ve spent years trying to push through the fatigue in hopes of a more positive result (better endurance and more strength for future rides.) This has proven to be less beneficial for either of the two expected fields. To summarize and simplify, if you’re fatigued, you should probably get off the bike and try again when you’re feeling closest to 100%. When you are feeling 100%, ride as hard as possible. There must be more contrast when it comes to riding when one is fresh and riding fatigued. Let yourself recover by taking things easy when they need to be taken easy so you can re and deconstruct yourself all over again when the time is right. This may be more difficult when riding in groups unless the majority of riders are on the same page and training regiment as you are.

Another difficulty I have been faced with is the ability to transfer these healthy practices into the race setting. Once I found myself training in a more productive way, now came time to race in a productive way. The two fields require similar but different approaches. I had a heart-to-heart talk with a few of my teammates yesterday morning and to prevent confusion, I will try and summarize all the things I was told (believe me, once you ask one person their advice on a subject, you tend to get swarmed with different responses from different people. I was force-fed a lot of good advice from a lot of people. A task that I can see as aimed to be helpful but ended up being a bit overwhelming hints the term, “force-fed.”) I found myself performing a juggling act on the race setting. When I say that I mean that instead of sticking to one task with full conviction, I was getting caught up in the adrenaline and attempting multiple feats (breakaways, field sprints, and bridging gaps) in the same race. This is very similar to me riding through the fatigue as was my old training approach. I was told (multiple times from multiple people) to put yourself in a position that you are able to perform at the closest to 100% by the end of a race. No halfhearted attempts at trying to do multiple things. Pro teams have individual riders who perform specific tasks in a race, and they perform them well because they’re not focused on anything else. Their jobs during a race have been decided for them, and they stick to it. I see myself having a greater chance at success in the races if I am able to follow through with an effort that has enough conviction than my third or fourth attempt at trying to break away from the field when the fatigue has already began to sink in. It is about knowing when to go, and when not to go (and when to take a risk, but I am still letting that sink in for the future.)

Thinking and writing about tasks like these help be follow through with performing the actions. If something makes logical sense to me, and I am able to explain it in my own words, chances are, things have sunk in. I have another race today with a teammate who is expected to race in my same category. We had a short chat yesterday about trying to stay close to each other during the race. That way we are able to call things out to one another, and attempt to set something up when the time is right. I will try my best  to apply what I have absorbed from last nights ride and combine the disciplines from my new type of training to the race setting. I would have brought this to light sooner, but work has been rough this weekend.

Working with fatigued people puts a damper on one’s mood no matter who you are. Mind you, people tend to let their true colors show under enough fatigue. I showed mine by not finishing the chapter in my book and not writing down these thoughts that had been in my head from yesterday. Some of us are less productive and keep to ourselves, and others complain. The complainers make a very toxic work environment in an attempt to make themselves feel better. I was event contemplating whether or not I would be best suited for the opposite sex because of the female’s common quality of acting on emotions and disregarding logical arguments as a result. Work rant aside, I have a race to focus on and progress to make. A race report should bloom here shortly.



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