Don’t SLO Me Down

Yesterday I got an informal notice that I will be able to get the time off for my trip to SLO.

Not only am I using this as an opportunity to compete amongst other cyclists, but as a traveling opportunity, and more importantly a chance to represent where I’m from and who I ride for. I love the feeling of going somewhere where your face isn’t recognized right away, and impressing the locals no matter what your event may be. I’m pretty sure the top 10 field for our race in Santa Maria were people I knew from the valley. Regardless of what team they were on, we were all from the same neighborhood. This has awakened a new sense of comradery that puts a big smile on my face. The plan is going to include some car camping if I cannot mingle and make friends whom I can stay the night with (yes, I do plan on mingling and seeing if I can make that happen.) Either way I’m just excited that I got the time off to make it out that way.

Fun Fact: My mom just reveiled to me that not too far from the location Saturday’s race will be is the same lake I can remember traveling to all the time, where I had learned how to swim, and made a lot of life-long connections and friendships. An even funnier point would be that as many times as I’ve been there, I haven’t the slightest clue as to how to get there since I was always the passenger in the motor home that slept the entire way there.

On my weekly Wednesday morning ride, my teammates and I met up for coffee and bike talk at a nearby coffee shoppe/ bike shoppe/ restaurant & bar. While I was looking for barista jobs, I came across a cleverly disquised add for wanted baristas in that location. I say cleverly disquised because they made an effort not to name drop, since they are a well established business (their add stated that they required baristas who work well under stress and have at least one year’s experience) and may not want to attract a certain crowd. Having recognized the address and knowing the staff I took it upon myself to verbally inquire about the job posting while we were defrosting from these frigid southern California colds (someone in the mid west got a good laugh just now.)

Turns out I was right, they were looking for barista applicants and offered me a job. I told them I was very interested and although my availability is next to open, I have little to know experience working in a coffee bar. I love all the home brewing gadgets I own and can say that I know how to use them well. The one method I have been reluctant to venture out to is that of the espresso machine. Frankly, because I don’t have over a thousand dollars to invest in a piece of equipment like that while still living with my folks. This means no fancy latte art, and possibly over-extracted shots while I am starting out. I felt like Peets would be a better place to get my foot in the door, since they don’t take their presentation as seriously as other boutique places, and didn’t require a certain amount of experience behind a bar in their add.

I warned her about this, but she encouraged me to still send in a resume to the email address since I know the staff very well and that holds weight over other variables. She said specifically that someone else sent in their resume this week, and she would be more inclined to hire me since she doesn’t know this stranger. I know if I am selected, the first weeks are going to be rough and embarrassing for me. I can’t help this and the best thing to do in that situation is to just swallow my pride and try and learn as much as possible without making a catastrophic mistake.

So now I have two resumes and applications submitted to two coffee shops, both of which are a little out of my way. I am still looking forward to which ever one chooses to hire me. I know people that send countless applications and go on tons of interviews only to never be called back again. I’ve sent two applications, and one consisted of an email with my resume attached to it. I am at that point where the seed of anticipation is beginning to grow, and I am trying to contain my nerves at the learning possibilities these opportunities will provide. Plus I see it as a reason for more detail oriented commuting in my near future.

The last of my priorities (and arguably the most important for me in the long run) is to submit my applications for a nursing program. A few phone calls are required in regards to whether or not some assessment test is needed before or after, and how to go about sending unofficial transcripts to certain campuses. I’m not really worried, and I will get around to this when the time comes. I see what I’m doing now as planning ahead in the case that I end up having to wait on a waiting list to join a program. This way, I wont get bored or discouraged and I have things to do in the mean time.

Until then, the bike riding and coffee drinking continues.



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