My Weekend

Having just got back from Anaheim last night, it has been made clear that I am a spoiled Angelino living in the valley. By the end of my trip, my butt was sore and I couldn’t wait to get out of my car. I know coworkers that commute from further distances to work part time. While I admire their efforts, I do not think I could willingly drive that often for an extended amount of time. My necessities are within a 16K radius and is what I consider bike riding distance. I have planned my education goals around locality along with quality & cost. All complaints aside, this week was a good trip and to summarize what made it so good was that it is lacking in typical materialistic events to justify the distance traveled.

When we decide to make a big trip, either to Disneyland, San Diego, Palm Springs or what have you, we tend to need some type of event or setting to justify the long commute. Not many people will just go to these locations for a day trip filled and work on finishing a book they had been reading. This sums up how my trip to Orange County ended up. I had no big expectations traveling over there. I even willingly sat in traffic with no itinerary when I arrived. Just another boring day away from home, doing things I would probably be doing at home.

Being able to do the same things you would be doing at home with someone else’s company means a lot to me and many others. We ended up making a grocery run to make a homemade pizza that afternoon, got breakfast nearby, did some shopping at downtown disney, read books, real home-e stuff. We even had nap time in the afternoon. It’s special times like these where I am consumed in zen when I am in the home setting. I got to show with actions my newest hobby of cooking. From the prep, to the creativity, the presentation, and the cleanup as soon as each tool was done being used. By the looks of it I am becoming what some call, “housebroken.”

If this is how it feels to be housebroken, then so be it. I am applying this newly found focus to other aspects of life other than that of the two-wheeled kind (the theory is that if I am able to apply it to other fields, it will become more natural when the time comes (race time) and I will build an endurance to how long I can hold this focus for.) Being in the house most of the day didn’t stir up the slightest form of what I call, “Rabbit fever.” I am loosely defining rabbit fever as a cross between the cabin fever people get from staying indoors too long (an all too familiar diagnosis for cyclists when it rains)combined with the frequent reproductive habits of our furry friends. Nope, no bored sex, no sex at all, but no sense of feeling deprived in the slightest bit.

Trips like these are becoming an every-other-week type routine. A routine that seems almost like a getaway from the busy house and busy obligations. It’s a taste of what living with another person will be like. It’s the simpler thing like staying indoors that are most enjoyable. Not a single photo was taken to justify all the good times that were had. I try and keep the devices from distracting the flow of things (including the conversations we think we’re having with other.)

That about sums up my trip. Just another boring run down to OC to be with another person and enjoy each other’s company. This weekend will include many hours on the bike to help burn off the pizza and beer that were consumed Thursday evening. Until then, here is a photo I forgot was taken while we were moseying around of me in front of one of my favorite muppets.




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