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I have done some category editing the other day. This was done for multiple reasons: to grow a bigger audience, and to expand my abilities as a writer. This might not make much sense starting out, so I will elaborate by sharing a work story, as well as a few other instances that have inspired this transition.

One of the perks of working weekends is the decreased workload and the opportunity one may have to catch up on non-work related tasks. It is from working weekends that I’ve had co workers recommend books, and held many intimate conversations together. Mostly about literature, but every once in a while there comes the inevitable work gossip and politics that are hard not to pigeon-hole yourself into.

I should start by saying this particular fellow dispatcher has invested six years into the company I work for, and has contributed countless hours to attempt to improve the overall quality of the company. He has gone above and beyond what most of us would say is are regular work tasks. Due to the emotional roller-coaster our boss tends to go on when finances get thin from time to time, this employee, I’ll call Aaron for the time being, Aaron has become burned out. I should add by saying these mixed emotions that occur result in radical shifts in our companies priorities and goals. Goals that Aaron spent a lot of hours working on to benefit the company in other aspects than the financial bottom line. That being said, something is going to slip out on a slow Sunday afternoon while looking at a computer screen for twelve hours at a time.

Aaron had been fed up with this company’s habit of inconsistent changes, and how it felt like they decided that one day they were going to pay more attention to certain little things that they could care less about the day before, here’s the kicker, there would be little to no justification for said changes or priority shifts. That and our boss throwing a figurative monkey wrench in the jobs we are assigned to do. He tried to sarcastically justify his time spent by using the phrase,

“It’s good experience.”

I know a lot of us have heard this before and in my opinion, this is wool we as a society pull over our eyes to get through a job we don’t like.

This here for the experience expression got me thinking just what I had gained from time spent here. There isn’t a whole lot of medical knowledge one gains from working in pre-hospital care. Anyone who has taken Anatomy, Physiology, or general Biology can do what we do. One concept we both agreed we had learned was the ability to state and justify arguments and claims. How to formulate valid points that are backed up by logical and concrete evidence, almost like that of an attorney, but with a lot less detail. This along with reading books and surrounding myself with strong personalities and listening to the news more frequently has given me a voice and an opinion about the world that I am able to justify through this developed skill of explanation. Which in a cumulative sense has sparked a new small goal of mine.

I have been blogging about what has been going on in my life for two years now. Some things are well written, and some are not. Most of what has been written has been mellow-dramatic and melancholic. It wasn’t until I began having different experiences in the coffee industry that I began writing about things other than myself. I would like to continue to shift my writing in that direction in hopes to grow a new audience as well as personal growth of my own.

I have added new descriptions to each of my categories. Other than the journal I wish to write on things that are more than how I’m feeling and what’s going on in my life. I wouldn’t call it a news and journalism blog, just exercising my opinions based on what I have read that is not just about books and coffee.

I have also added a new category, one which I will probably be changing the name to. The goal is find local and not-so local events that are happening and to chime in on them; that’s it. I am not sure when I’ll begin contributing to this section of the blog, but the intentions are there (probably just need some more time to mentally prepare.)

I’m pretty excited to unveil this. I wanted to put this out there before my shift ends. Got a lot of miles to put in considering yesterday was my cheat day. Until next time.



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