School Night

Often times we hear of people coming down with a case of the Monday’s. A natural apprehension towards getting back to the work week. My work schedule exempts me from this mentioned condition. Mainly because I work every weekend, and even if I do end up working Monday, I have all day to sit around to get ready for another day in the office. Were undergoing some transitions here at work. As a result, my schedule and number of days got moved around, giving me Monday off (an unusual circumstance.) In between the naps and the weight gain, I made the decision to go out, on a school night.

There was a free event at some club in Hollywood so appropriately named, “It’s a School Night.” I went with a friend from high school. Probably one of the only people I still acquaint with from that setting. We took the metro over the hill to a dead Hollywood (we could have easily found parking anywhere nearby the venue; neither of us minded the underground commute.) We walked in, and the mood resembled that of my February outing at Akabar with the strangers and the typewriter.

Intimate bar
Intimate bar

The setting was dark, but lit in the right places. There was a lot of arbitrary paintings that caught my eye. That and the architecture gave off the feel of a museum after hours (which is now a new short term social goal.)

You Go Girl
You Go Girl


There wasn’t much space in between the stage and a set of stairs that lead to these bars and lounge chairs & booths. Nonetheless, it got people to get close and keep the vibe nice and cozy without being a sweaty nightclub playing top 40 at high volumes.

Mad Hatter(s)
Mad Hatter(s)

The music was loungey with a few eclectic curve balls that kept things interesting. I wanted to get a photo of this lady who really wanted to be a famous hip hop/ pop celebrity who is known for her blonde wigs, bright colored lipstick, and mix of high pitched cheerleader singing, with lower toned rapping at fast tempos, but I chose to take a break and get another glass of whiskey instead.

Folk on a School Night
Folk on a School Night

Our conversation was nice and enjoyable with a drink in hand. We discussed our lifestyles of working nights and weekends and being allowed the freedom of having weekdays off. Both of us seemed pretty comfortable although I have to admit, I had gotten used to the transition sooner than my friend did. She still hasn’t quite adjusted to the change. As it stood, we both were working and at that point where we we’re trying to figure out who it is we are as individuals. There was a lot of talk of things we already knew about each other and mostly agreed with (boring.) To my surprise there were a few things that were brought up, that my friend was bothered by, and felt like things needed to be changed.

For example, when discussing relationships and goals she couldn’t wrap her brain around how certain couples our age stay together for such a short amount of time, then either move across country to live with one another, or get engaged and married. This conversation was followed by examples of how her friend moved to San Francisco for a guy after knowing him for about two months. Mind you she is in the same twenty-something bracket as us. It was then I realized some new things about myself.

  1. Whether it’s tales of love gained, lost, or ambitiously attempted to grasp, I love a good story
  2. Whiskey isn’t something to be afraid of. It gives hugs

I can’t seem to track when this first happened, but my elitist attitude towards social concepts has become dormant and allowed me to have a more relaxed approach to hearing what is going on in other people’s lives. I can remember a time when I too would have felt the need to immediately share my opinion on the subject, and vicariously lecture her friend through her like we as a society love to do (and should stop it as soon as we realize we’re doing it.)

The melancholic hermit was kept under control. The night slowly turned into an active listening exercise and after two drinks, I decided it was time to leave.

These recurring lounge outings are becoming a preferred way out going out over the late nights of heavy music, and being packed in dense crowds of sweaty teens singing and screaming along with the singer, trying so desperately to get to the front of the stage. Weeknights at cozy bars when the rest of the world is going to bed early for the work day ahead is my type of scene. Come to think of it, I was never good at going to bed early before a big day. Whether it was school, a race, or work, lack of sleep never seemed like that much of a loss and still stands today. As long as by the end of the week, your hours of sleep average out to normal amounts, all is well.

That about does it for me. Another night spent out for writing material active listening practice, and storytelling. I feel like Taylor Swift, only not as attractive. Time to keep up the high milage on the bike, and work off this weight I’ve gained since my hiatus announcement.

That and I got to meet a hero of mine.

Love you Buddy
Love you Buddy



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