Whats in Your Cup: El Ingenio

Greetngs and welcome to another coffee review. I would like to start by mentioning how excited to be writing about this particular batch considering the news that is going on about a recent coffee purchase, and the different types of language being used to express the same decision. I am unsure as to whether Tonx will keep their name or not. This could be one of the last batches with their brand name on the label.

This passed Tuesday was the first shipment of my upgraded amount of beans and let me tell you, I’ve been very excited to finally get these in the mail. So much so, that when I finally received them. I’ve ended up giving more of it away to share with others than I have consumed myself.

New bag
New bag

Before I share my sharing experiences, on to the review of the bean. On a side note, I have to find something to do with all these cute labels that come with my coffee. Perhaps I’ll make a collage of some type. They’re staring to pile up.

Pretty colors
Pretty colors
  • Brewing method: Chemex
  • Coffee:48g
  • Water:710g
  • Bloom:100g for 90 seconds
  • Brew time:5:30 including bloom

Before the beans were grinded you can make out the scent of sweet caramel. The roasting profile is medium to light with 99% of the beans showing one crack along with a light brown hue. The result is a light to medium body that sits on the middle of the palate for the longest duration. The Chemex tended to zap out most of the rich notes of caramel and chocolate and left the elements of an apple cinnamon tea. Not the best brewing method for those with that central american sweet tooth like myself.

This type of batch would best be enjoyed through a French press. Before trying this through the Chemex, I French pressed it and loved every drop of it.. I found myself stirring the grounds and the sediment at the bottom of the cup to not let any go to waste. The Chemex filter is a very powerful thing; batch is a perfect example of it’s ability.

I normally receive my beans every other Tuesday afternoon with the rest of my mail. Given the time of day, I like to save it for Wednesday morning when I do my long ride through the Santa Monica Mountains.


The previous week I kindly asked my local coffee shop if they would be offended if I brought someone else’s coffee to share with them. To which they enthusiastically said, “Please do. We’re that kind of shop.” Not only did I get my first bigger batch, but I had enough to share with other who are able to comprehend the quality of beans I enjoy so much.

I love my local shop
I love my local shop

Once half of my ride was over, we squandered over to 10 speed coffee for an intermission and where I gave my gift.

Still warm from the morning ride
Still warm from the morning ride

I’m still waiting to hear back from them on how they liked it. Whether they love it or hate it, I was able to show how much I appreciated them as an establishment; that’s all I could ask for. The gesture of giving something that means a lot to you is sometimes greater than how well that person appreciates the gift.

This morning I French pressed some beans for a supervisor of mine who has never tried any coffee that doesn’t come out of a pre-grounded jar at the grocery store. To no surprise, he loved the coffee. My only beef was that as I was getting my things in order to leave work, I caught him filling his mug up with cream and sugar. Not even liquid creamer. A little part of me died inside. I don’t think I’ll be making him coffee any time in the near future unless he promises to drink it black.

On that note I am very satisfied with this current batch and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Tonx. I trust that they will continue to make exceptional coffee and keep their customers (myself included) happy. As for me, I’ve got some packing and shopping to do. I’m going to make a big breakfast tomorrow that is going to include El Ingenio for refreshments. Until next time.




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