Stay Classy La Jolla

“Hey, wanna go to La Jolla?”

“…. Mmk”

That was all the convincing it took for me to get out of my comfort zone and out of my normal routine of riding bikes and looking for new books to read. I joined a friend on an overnight trip to the coastal regions or northern San Diego county. After successfully closing a big business deal, she decided to relax and get away from the stressors that work can cause. One Tuesday morning I packed my things, baked cookies for the road, and two hours later (two and a half according to her) we (her and her dog) had arrived.

The area in which we stayed resembled that of the Avalon area of Catalina island. A lot of costal attractions, shopping centers, beach activities, restaurants, bars. I should mention that La Jolla has got to be one of the most pet-friendly areas that I’ve ever seen. I don’t own any pets so when I found out she had brought her pet, I began to trap what It means to be a pet owner. The city couldn’t be a better place. Dog bowls in all the restraints, plastic waste bag stations everywhere, if you wanted to go somewhere to interact with other dog owners, this is the place.

La Valencia

Our hotel had a Spanish theme with a visible view of the ocean from outside the balcony.


Day and night from the balcony

Once we were unpacked, we decided to part ways for the afternoon. She had lunch plans with some co workers nearby, and I was down the street from a coffee shop I had been wanting to try for a long time. After being dropped off I ended up in the cute and crunchy little town of bird rock.

Bed rock? No, Bird rock

Where I came across bird rock coffee roasters and can say that I tried the best Ethiopian cup of coffee thus far. Unlike most African region coffees, this particular batch was complex and incredibly balanced. It had a full body mouthfeel that Sartre right from the front of the palate and remained on said palate for an extended amount of time, changing between notes of summer fruit, with hints of bright and sweet intermittent elements the more it was consumed. When asked if I could buy a batch of beans, the barista kindly told me that they had at least five pounds of beans pre ordered online by customers and they didn’t have any available. Better luck next time.


Coffee was followed by a long walk, while stumbling across a small patch of a park with a rock garden overlooking the big blue ocean.


On my way back I stopped to grab lunch at met a nice older guy named Steve. Steve had lived in the area for a long time and told me he goes to bird rock roasters almost every morning. He seemed down to earth (him and his dogs) and asked kindly asked me what my business was in the area. He came across like he had a lot to share with someone from out of town, but not in an intrusive way. This was out of the ordinary for a native Angelino. Normally people just say “Welcome” when people from out of town arrive and they’re left on their own. We chatted and I ended up making my way back to the hotel. I liked our interaction. I could have asked Steve to stay the night at his place and he probably would have agreed. Steve drove a nice sports car and owned two small dogs, I presumed he had a lot if free time on his hands and would be happy to accommodate. Needless to say I kept walking and made my way back.

On my way to the hotel I stopped by the museum of contemporary art, where I took some photos of the two galleries that were open and the sculpture garden that caught my eye.


Nothing but thread





I made it back in one piece. We reacquainted, got dinner at some brewery down the road. We were convinced that we would have done well at the trivia that was taking place that night, but decided to sit by the fireplace, eves drop on the players, and look at the art on the walls.

I can make that

Long story short, I had way too much to drink that night (I had been drinking all day) and had an uneventful evening before bed.

Today is another day. A day to walk amongst the wealthy white folks along with fellow tourists like us. I have to admit that I find it uncomfortable to be catered to. That didn’t come out right, let me rephrase. The level at which the hotel staff catered to us was overwhelming for me. I’m bothered by valets that open doors for you, and by elevator attendants that think they’re doing you a service by pushing the button your room is on. It seems too synthetic and insincere. Perhaps a more subtle, but genuine approach is a healthier and humbling alternative.

Honorable mentions:

We were told to see the sea sows along the beach, so we did.

Sea sow

We stopped by the Carlsbad flower garden where I was reminded that I am bad parenting material.


During our trip, I learned a few things about the opposite sex. For one, women are completely aware that they make decisions based on emotions and not on rational explanations. They know they do it, and they continue to do it.

I didn’t get a straight answer as to why women go about problem solving in this way. Something along the lines of looking too deeply into what their perception of a message is. Guys do not try and sneak the meanings of their messages they want to get across by saying something other than what they do not mean.

That about sums up our trip. I’m glad I got out of the house for a few days and let loose for a bit. If asked if I would return, I would probably turn it down. There are other parts of that county that are unexplored. Parts where I don’t have to see sloppy moms tripping over their heels and having their teenage daughters holding them up as they drop their iPhones on the concrete.

It’s been fun La Jolla. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.



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