New Bike Day

Due to my recent lack in confidence of competitive racing, I have made a priority to expand my bike collection.

I am pleased to announce the new arrival of my track bike.

Aventon Mataro
Aventon Mataro

Over the recent months I have genuinely missed riding a track bike. It is where my cycling upbringing originated from. Now that I no longer feel obligated to disregard the law and make reckless decisions while riding without gears or breaks, I have developed a more mature approach to an otherwise form of cycling that is more often looked down upon due to the riff raff that give it a bad name. There are still a few final purchases that need to be made, but for the moment I am rolling.

From the first pedal stroke I immediately realized that I would have to relearn and retrain my muscles to adapt to this now foreign style of riding. Aside from the fact that slowing down will have to be done without levers or pads, there were a number of differences in regards to the fit of the bike when compared to my BMC. The best analogy I could come up with would be as follows:

“Riding road bikes is like first class, while riding track bikes are more economy/coach.”

This can be perceived in many ways so allow me to elaborate. While I have never flown on a plane before, I am told and lead to believe that the leg room and quality of seats in first class is very comfy cozy. Whilst riding in a lower level section on a flight can be more cramped. That’s not to say that the ride is not comfortable. Given the geometry and the measurements of all the tubes (and my traditional and narrow track bar) I do feel a more narrow and aggressive ride.

My goals for this bike are to ride it both on and off the track. This is going to be a bit challenging considering there isn’t a flat spot on the bars to comfortably rest my hands, but I can get used to it. Not only that, but I’ve decided that the saddle I am testing out for the new bike would work best on the road bike. Since I will be putting more commuter miles on this track bike, I would like to put a saddle that would allow me to be more upright more often.IMG_0365With this new addition to my bike family, I can prioritize and have a more focused approach on the type of goals I want for a particular bike. Instead of having the BMC be my all-around bike, I wasn’t able to shape it into the full race bike I originally had hopes for. Now I can make a few more changes and turn it into the climbing machine I’ve always wanted. The same goes for the track bike. Time will pass and parts will be replaced to improve performance and to one day specialize in a particular field. Until that time comes, my new all-around bike will be the track bike.

It’s hard to describe the rush of emotions that came about once my legs got used to riding a fixed gear bike. All kinds of memories were brought back into my head. This is the first instance where I have more than one bike in my possession. Having the option to choose what I want to ride for the day puts a big smile on my face. I can see how people become obsessed with all things two-wheeled.

Best of all, I don’t need to get all dressed up to hit the road for lunch, groceries, or to meet up with friends.

No Garmin no rules
No Garmin no rules



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