Bike Racer

When discussing all things cycling, it can be difficult to focus in on one particular aspect of such a broad topic. Just yesterday on a recovery ride amongst some friends I asked a close friend of mine how many bikes he owned. To most people this is an easy question that can be answered without much thought. For some it’s the same as asking how many books they’ve read. The point I am getting at is that whether you’re learning to ride a bike for the first time in your life, or refinancing your house to buy another vintage bike with 50th anniversary parts on it, like the military, there is a good chance there is a type of cycling that fits to your goals.

I myself have found solace in the speed & performance aspects of the world of cycling. I now own both a nice road and track bike to go fast on multiple mediums. For those of you who may have not seen it yet, I would like to welcome the new addition to my bike family.

I am now in a polyamorous relationship
I am now in a polyamorous relationship

In the grand scheme of things, this route has provided me with much joy and fulfillment in the world of bikes.

Towards the beginning of the year I made the decision to take a hiatus from bike racing all together. My physical fitness seemed ready to go, but my mental fitness needed (and still requires) some attention. This decision was immediately followed by a min-depression of binge drinking, and little desire to do anything other than ride bikes on a non-competitive level. While I still tend to go back and forth with the occasional mood swings, I have gotten a better grip on my emotions and how to deal with the abnormal times.

On a brighter note, a large amount of pressure has been removed from my mind and has made me realize where I fit in in the world of cycling. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a competitive soul with aspirations to succeed at whatever my goals are in this field. I am not what some may call a bike ambassador or advocate. Nor am I someone who sees riding a bike as a hobby (just saying that word in my head makes me cringe.)

I know my place in the world of cycling and I am beginning to realize that day by day. For fun I looked up a local midnight ridazz ride to see if anything that ended up being posted was worth showing up for. To no surprise, I found nothing to my liking. I could argue that there was a group ride meeting about three miles from my house that would be a great opportunity to network and mingle with fellow cyclists to see how the world of cycling has changed on this now foreign upbringing I find difficult to rejoin once again.

I can see myself getting back into the racing aspect of cycling very soon. Despite all the stresses and conflicts I have written about that get under my skin, I have realized that it is in the world of competition that I best fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I could ride recreationally day after day. If I choose to take this path, I fear the possibility of doing something truly memorable and worth-while.

Having just been denied my application for nursing school, I am between another career hiatus, a major depression, military enrollment, or an alternative and unknown lifestyle that is less conventional than what most may realize. I am trying to remain positive and find a better alternative to going back to binge drinking and seeking satisfaction in a shorter and more attainable path.

Long story short, with more time to read books and ride bikes, I would like to take things two-wheeled to the next level. If in this path I find a more desirable career choice, so be it. Until next time….



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