JAT: New Educational Approach

A wild thought came across my mind today in between running errands and listening to some new music in the morning.

Our education process seems pretty easy to follow:

  • Go to school
  • Pass classes
  • Get degree(s)

Without getting too deep into the financial requirements, these three things can be recognized as a universal requirement to obtaining that piece of paper everyone wants thats supposed to unlock all the doors in our working-class lives. A similar process is required for the next steps in our lives. From applying for a job, buying a car, or a home, there are documents that need to be filled out and a trained professional determines whether you’re worthy of the job, the loan, or what have you.

What if the education process worked in a similar way the Escrow process works. What if there was another way we were able to get the degrees we long for so badly. What if you were able to apply for a degree and the process worked in the same fashion as applying for a bank loan. Your objective would be to convince some educator that you have fulfilled all the requirements on your own instead of the formal setting of the classroom. You would submit an educational resume showing the books you’ve read, and the concepts you’ve comprehended and grasped along with a series of reports to make sure you weren’t trying to bluff the system.

There are enough public resources for this to be considered a possibility. We often hear about musicians or other types of artists who are “self-taught.” Many individuals can say that they’ve become successful without the formal setting of taking a guitar or a creative writing class. While these classes are very helpful and I am not suggesting that they should be ousted completely (believe me, they have a place in this world and are a precious commodity.) Why can’t this road to success be taken in a field other than the field of art?

I have access to a public library and to many online scholarly journals and professional lectures here in the comfort of my own neighborhood. If given the right opportunity, I could present a convincing case to an educator as to why I deserve the type of degree I seek.

Part of the reason I thought this up is because I am beginning to dread returning to the formal education setting. I received a letter in the mail saying that I was unable to attend the nursing program of my choice since I did not meet all the educational requirements they requested (long story short, I met all the prerequisites for one school, but applied to another school which required a few more classes on top of the ones I had already completed.) While the reality of the matter is that I’m probably going to have to return to the community college setting just so I can listen to the lectures, read the books, and pass the tests to convince an educator that I can jump through the formal hoops that is our educational system. I just wish there was a more DIY approach to this obstacle.



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