Salami Dreams

I had a dream last night

My folks went out on an extended vacation near the California/ Nevada border. I had set out to eventually meet them there but was delayed so I had to leave on my own. I had plans to get there by using a giant weather balloon and a parachute. I would float off the ground, and proceed to glide on the parachute while gradually letting air out of the balloon for a way to accelerate. I would also use the edge of the mountains I would cross to somehow save whatever magical gas was in the balloon and somehow piggy-back off the mountains by gliding close to the surface.

I ended up not making it a quarter of  the way there. I was confident I had the right idea in theory, I just lacked the technique when I realized this would be my first type ever doing something such as this. I landed near some giant campground that resembled something in Angeles Naitonal Forest if it had more greenery currently on it’s mountains. I was told by one of the rangers that it was impossible for me to make it to where I was going with the gas I had left (the balloon was about half used up by this time.) I had a few Co2 cartridges that I thought would get me the rest of the way. Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure Co2 is light enough to lift a body with a week’s worth of clothes on it.

I didn’t take the ranger’s advice, kept on, used up my cartridges, and landed about half way through the campground. I don’t even think I hit the one third mark on my overall journey. Feeling defeated and bitter, my stubborn attitude compelled me to walk home, disregarding all advice I had been given. I tried to hurry past the rangers I was about to approach. Judging by the look on their faces, I knew they knew my situation. At this point I wasn’t thinking logically and wanted to avoid everyone, then proceed to walk my feelings of hurt pride off until I passed out or died.

I managed to get passed the human wall they created, but couldn’t help but overhear their words of recommendation. I managed to hear one of the rangers say that one of their co-workers was on his own vacation and left his bicycle at work. This immediately sparked my attention. Imagine a red, white, and blue steel time trial bike with aero bars placed on this. My emotions jumped from one end of the spectrum to the other. I thought to myself this would be the perfect opportunity to learn to ride the TT bike (on an over eight hour ride through the mountains back home.)

The last challenge would be the task of schlepping all my bags of clothes along with me. This got my spirits on a downward slope. One of the lady rangers (a young adult black female I might add) told me that another co worker had an obsession with kites (what being in the wilderness and all) and would fly out my stuff on her kites back home. After many thanks and commendations I set out on my way, to which proceeded with me waking up from said dream and having to finish up the rest of my work from the previous night.



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