Athlete Diaries

It has been a long time since I last shared my thoughts through written word. There have been a few short stories worth sharing that lack the effort of commitment via the internet. Alas, I have found a potential subject matter that is worthy of the attention of the general population as well as myself included.

In recent weeks/ months I have tried to create a balance between the life of an athlete and that of a normal human being. Most efforts have been feeble; others have been a great start in a new direction. Part of me is hesitant t o write about every time I go out (which  the introvert in me would have no problem and would see this as a normal thing) and I have prohibited logging every social outing.

A most recent example that has sparked this recent impulse to share a new side of myself came from a volunteering event I participated in earlier this week.

One of the beloved radio station I love to listen to (and what sparked the idea for my first tattoo) hosted their Autumn membership drive. Having had my money in other places, I had offered to volunteer my time to show my appreciation for an awesome service to say the least. If not to support one of my favorite radio stations, my reasoning for going would be to hopefully meet someone in the process. Long story short, I had no luck with that volunteering experience. What ended up happening afterwards was a party invitation to celebrate the hard work to those who have contributed to KCRW.

This was the opportunity I was looking for. A chance to meet someone in a setting off the bike. I made my way to the event by way of commuting to mama’s house to babysit her children for a little bit (by which I set a PR from North Hollywood to Santa Monica (in under a hour)) then proceed to attempt to act approachable and outgoing. I met someone, we got to know each other (as you can tell I’m not trying to get my hopes up too high) and hopefully I will hear back from her in future days.

One thing I could not help but notice (aside from our differences (smoking, dancing, etc….)) was how this social event effected my routine of riding bikes and training for big events. This is what sparked my recent interest in my most recent topic of discussion.

Just like the problems of an introvert (big crowds, going out on multiple nights, and physical touching of acquaintances) I have discovered similar issues involving athletes. I would be lying if I said that I did not have a collection of thoughts that relate to that of an athlete of any sport. It brings me sincere pleasure to share the life of an athlete as told through a young introvert.

My approach to this new topic seems to be similar to that of my reasons for volunteering earlier this week. To both find out about those around me who are going through the same issues, and to find out a little more about myself in the process.

that’s it for now. Until next time….



2 thoughts on “Athlete Diaries

  1. Wait… how did this event change your training routine/route? I find absolutely no harm in prioritizing “social” events to athletic ones that could be potentially life altering. Sometimes the yin to the yang is the needed antidote in a person of interest. Of course, sometimes, that recipe is dynamite set to explode and demolish life as you know it…. Whatever… the image of the phoenix comes to mind 🙂 BTW: my latest FB status seems so appropriate… The problem is, you think you have time. Buddha.

  2. The occasional social settings have made me more mindful of the athlete leifestyle and while no direct change has come from this (other than the regular insecurities that come and go from wanting to be, “normal.”)

    While I agree that some outings are justified over training, somehow the more nonchalant ones spark up inner questioning on my decision making.

    This post summarized is a collection of thoughts (both good and bad) concluding in acceptance and a want to document and share some of the inner conflicts that come from the athletic lifestyle. That night I mentioned to a girl that I’m no longer embarrassed by sharing bad memories or transparent insecurities and thoughts. Makes for a better story 😉

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