Summer Came Early

The human social experience is one of the most liberating assurances on the planet. There has been a lot of social interaction between some friends and myself. There has been a significant change in esteem day by day. Between friends visiting and reacquainting with past relationships, my moods have been elevated to a state of elation time and time again. It’s not so much that we are in each other’s presence constantly. A few interactions at the right time is all I need to have a good time. Friendly vibes whether they be male or female have gotten summer vibes going.

I am feeling a strong sense of comfort and the ability to come out of my shell on a more frequent basis. Sometimes I think that if I was able to notice and correct my neurosis at an earlier point in my life, I could have gotten to this sweet spot a lot sooner. In the same respect, perhaps I was not ready to show a vulnerable side of myself and receive it from others. There are countless examples from academia I can recall where I was much too naive and immature to further progress into maturity. Everything seems to be working out nowadays. I can reflect on bad decisions, and let that shape ones in the future.

This is turning into more of a philosophical rant than I expected. I’m just stoked I have good vibes coming in from multiple sources on a near daily basis. I pick up on other people’s confidence and comfort in their own skin and am myself empowered to continue the same behavior. Not so much in a sappy, sugar coated, ultra motivational type way. More in the respects of me being a grown ass man and being able to make the type of decisions I want.

Social interaction is a catalyst for further development. It may have taken some time, but I am realizing that I need more of this in my life. I remember mentioning that all day-to-day tasks feel better when you have someone to talk to about them, or someone to curl up in bed and wake up with. Whether it’s work, school, bikes, or anything else that matters in life, I am a firm believer that we do all of these better when there is someone we are able to connect with on a social level be it intimate or not.

The most challenging part is finding the select few who are on the same side of the spectrum as you in regards to self confidence. I’ve had my share of relationships where the differences were so polarizing, I felt a disconnect and had to distance myself from those people as a result. Some in which I’ve known for a number of years.

That’s been on my mind this past week. Thinking about how tight summer is going to be. How powerful human interaction can be. And opening myself up to more experiences seems right at this point in my life.



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