Amateur Cyclist: First Impressions

Time has gone by since another apprehensive young male has decided to try his hand at marketing the brand that is himself through social media. While first met with negative preconceived notions towards the ideology of self-promoting, our main character continues on this visual and insightful journey. Before we dive into the deep psyche that Instagram instills on it’s users, let us do a recent recap of basic behavioral changes our amateur cyclist has discovered.

While I will shamelessly admit to thinking in 140 character anecdotes, there has been a shift in everyday train of thought. In order to keep up with a constant social longing, my day seems to be catered around how I am able to share my experiences with others (mostly on the bike) without having given away my entire existence and thereby leaving myself exposed and with nothing to share. It is good to find a balance between what you would and would not like to share. Not because the things I choose to share are considered morally inappropriate, but because I would like to save a piece of myself for a face to face setting. I actually get a kick out of pushing the envelope the more chances I get. That in combination of planning my down time with photo opportunities that might come around are two of the most recent changes I find myself adapting to.

As far as the people who are also on this platform, there are many distinct and some subtle intentions that strike you right away. For one, there are people on there who make a big effort to put themselves out there and cater to a wide market of viewers with their hashtag lists longer than their photo captions. Some photos have been edited to such a degree that the authentic, DIY approach to capturing photos is ruined. There are many overproduced, sugar coated, photos with zero imperfections that invalidate my own personal mission statement I’ve presumed with my time spent online. The viewer can easily notice that there was a lot of time taken standing in one place, with many attempts at perfecting a particular moment. There is a time and place for that, and I don’t feel that Instagram is a place for that. At the same time I can see why someone would take so much time and effort for such a result, their have other motives on this application. They are seeking celebrity status through this medium. My initial goal was to explore this realm on a more intimate level. This is the most intimidating route as it goes against my personal character. I will still attempt at exploring this avenue, it is going to take more time for me to market my ego for this type of fame that has potential to be a complete flop and leaving my soul completely empty.

The second type I have seen are those who take a more mellow approach to the sharing aspect. Photos are met with far less hashtagging (a sign that the user is not completely driven to seek an audience bigger than their own personal circle of friends) while still being rich in content without being pretentious. I find myself clinging to this approach more than the first mentioned. There is a presence and a power that comes from all things candid, and improvised. A power that no DSLR, or overproduced photo can capture. If only this was more social sought after, there would be less of a cookie-cutter approach and a more enriching experience for everyone. There is no question that this is universally enjoyable by everyone, however there is a question of motivation for this type of reward. The type A approach is the easier digestible of the two. It is the fast-food equivalent while the type B is an exotic and wholesome meal that changes someone’s outlook on life. Both are sustainable ways of living. It then becomes a matter of preference from the viewer.

My plan of action towards Instagram is the same as all other social mediums I have chosen to join. Which would explain my lack of swag and mass appeal. I am aware that I may not be everyone’s preferred flavor of choice, and it is my fault for expecting everyone’s tastes to change just because I am using service C instead of service A. I need to dive deeper into the approach towards mass appeal in hopes that I will one day figure out just what it is that makes people cling to a certain style, then slowly manipulate those masses to a more enlightened point of view that someone may have never considered and now have a new outlook on. If that can be achieved, than it’s mission accomplished for me. More to come very soon. Summer has just begun and this young male has some celebrating to do in the weeks (and days) to come.

BTW please feel free to follow me to get a better perspective on my new digital journey.

IG: Amateur_cyclist


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