As years of neurosis and confusion can confirm, my commitment issues have held me back from a number of opportunities. When it comes to cycling, there is a lot of talk of making the best of the little time we are allowed between our work schedules and moral obligations. What is not discussed as much is the path for those of us who are able to dedicate a significant amount of time towards the path of making cycling a profession. I said I would ride twenty-four hours for the week to get a taste of what that type of dedication feels like. I started a little too late in the week and got called into work and having other plans, preventing adequate sleep and recovery. I know I’m able to do it, and there’s part of me that thinks that I don’t know when the next opportunity will come to give this path a genuine shot.

A big lesson to learn when preparing for the next racing categories involves mental training as much as physical. (Insert clever mind over matter phrase.) Mindfulness can be overlooked when dealing with the social pressure of your peers. Since the road bike racing season is slowly coming to an end, I have had time to get my mind back in the right place and continue to strive for success.

In other news, a recent catching up with a good friend has sparked some interest into alternative employment. Ugh, I can’t stand that word. Let’s think of it more as a “project” (much better.) A simple answer as to what would spark someone’s pursuit into a more serious form of writing (this is something I want to do) has lead to some motivating aspirations. I would like to hone my craft of writing into the realm of comedy. All facets of comedy appeal to me, from stand-up to improv, to sketch. Whether I see myself producing all of these mediums is a different story. Right now I would like to begin in a direction towards comedy based writing prompts and seeing where that takes me. That with learning the proper formatting and presenting an appealing product can result in some positive outcomes.

The truth is, I’m not sure the type of writing I can see myself doing. This blog is far from what I would consider comedy-based writing. I find the world of comedy (as well as the world of music) to be a fascinating and ever-changing field that I love to follow. I haven’t been doing much reflecting as to what my needs are further than riding my bike and attempting to enjoy more social interactions with friends. Complacency has been a bit of a dream killer for me and this realization is becoming more and more obvious.

There is a lot of anxiety that comes from making the first few steps into a long-term path. This anxiety is amplified if it leads towards a less formal route (entertainment, professional athleticism, etc….) Now feels like a good point to get the ball rolling and giving these options a heartfelt effort. As mentioned before, I don’t know when the next opportunity will come where I will have this much time to myself to pursue these goals. So what if it’s straying from the beaten path. Deep down I know that I find comfort in this alternative journey.

Projects are now in the works, and while there is tangible tension that comes with every step of the way (insert clever walking a tightrope analogy) the exhilarating risks keep me going.



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