Random Acts


1. Corn-ball sap story ahead

2. I’m okay

Out on the group ride today, some new faces showed up and when things got hot approaching the first sprint point, there was some jockeying, bunching, and half-wheeling. 

Two riders were staggered in front of me, the one in the back was about a half a bike-length from the guy in front from the right. The guy in front decides to cut right and takes the other guy out. We were going pretty fast so I- no wait, I take that back, this could have been avoided and I don’t forgive the guy that went down.

After being behind and to the right of the crash, the guy who caused the crash by being in the front rider’s blind spot immediately went down on his left. His bike went to the right so I couldn’t avoid running over his bike (or give a half-hearted attempt to run over his neck.) his RD ended up caught in my front wheel, cracking the fork and unspoking the front wheel. 

I went over the bars and rolled on the left side of my helmet, shoulder, and lower back.

  No broken bones, no deformities, or anyone to call to get a ride home. Just some soreness that is now setting in. My phone screen even www intact and untouched. 
The best part is while I was waiting on possible rides, a stranger pulled over to the side (within five minutes) and offered me a ride home. Given the context and nature of the circumstance, I didn’t hesitate to ask if she was insured by survival and turned the ride down when I found out she wasn’t (see what I did there?) 

Our ride back home was pleasant. She shared stories about her neices, nephews, and holiday plans. Her name is Laura and she is a kind soul who did not think twice when an opportunity to show an act of random kindness presented itself. 


To top it off, we got photobombed

I thought today was going to be the start of a rough day, but I am mistaken. A little cynicism died in me today. Feels good. 


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