Madness: A state of severe mental illness

:Extremely foolish behavior

: The quality or state of being mad: as

  • Rage
  • Insanity
  • Extreme Folly
  • Ecstasy, Enthusiasm

(Thank god those last two were on the list.)

Learning to accept and welcome madness into your life seems backwards on what we are taught as a society. There is a large stigma when words like madness or ‘crazy’ get thrown around. I understand the appeal of the path of least resistance. We as a species want to categorize and forget. File this away as “crazy” and be done. Something is either good or bad, and we rarely take the extra step to dig a little deeper in hopes of growing.

I say, let’s let a little madness into our lives. So often are we conditioned to choose the traditional routine when all of the rewards have been received a long time ago. Is someone still considered mad if they are aware of their foolish behavior, and continue to perform those actions? (Probably so. It’s a lot easier that way.) If that is the case we should recognize our privilege at this insightful realization.

Many cycling analogies can be made to bring this point home.


insert clicheAnalogy = (“why ride a bike to the point where you want to black out and vomit at the same time?” “Because it is fun and I enjoy this.”)


The topic of mental illness doesn’t put things into the proper context so for the sake of discussion, let’s consider we do not have any severe, diagnosed mental illnesses that take aware our mindful abilities. For the most part, what separates an acceptable foolish behavior (drug use, obesity, religious faith) from things like madness is popularity.

The reason I bring this up is because I found myself at this same crossroad. There is an increased level of risk and would be considered foolish by most. Foolish behavior and I see little to no slowing of progression. I’d like to think I have a good idea of what I am getting myself into, and I continue to go down that path. (not quite folly, but a lot of ecstasy and enthusiasm.)

I see myself continuing to let this type of madness into my life until, well, I can’t say I’ll know when. Guess that’s the beauty of it right? This feels like a healthy step following the paranoia and disbelief when reaching that childlike state of happiness through new life events. Now that the initial jitters have come and gone, this new, slower, less intense form of nerves seems to have taken over.

I would be lying if I said nothing good ever came out of doing something you initially do not want to do. I can remember a more creative phase in my life when I was trying to write music on a more frequent basis. There were many challenges both physical and mental. The mental aspect of trying to create and grow with a sense of urgency eventually got the best of me and I decided to move on to new things (such as cycling.) Now it appears that the all too familiar feeling is coming back. I’m a little older now and believe that I have a better grasp on my mental well being to go through those motions once again.

Until next time….



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