Commuter Coffin

Its amazing how we fall in and out of interests through out our lives. Remember the time when you wanted to be older so you could enjoy the privileges that at the time felt as though they would never get old? Hell yeah I’m going to buy and drink beer all the time (which I admitting do from time to time.) As soon as I get my license to drive I’m racking up the miles and giving everyone rides. Grooming that involves razors and shaping facial hair any way I want? Count me in! (I have no context for this whatsoever. This could be an entirely made-up fluke and is a total shot in the dark.) Eventually, things grow tiresome and there comes a time to reevaluate our interests to see if they stand the test of time.

I can remember a point when I thought I would be watching certain movies or listening to certain artists for the rest of my life. To this day, I still am surprisingly mistaken when I conclude that the Tyler Durden character in, “Fight Club” could have easily been played by a black male and been just as gritty, attractive, and clever. There is an ebb and flow that comes with general interests. Some last longer than others, and some are a flash in the pan. One of the more recent dilemmas involving interests has to be operating a motor vehicle. There was a time (generally between 18 to 22) when driving was seen as a more desirable thing to do than anything else I was doing at the time (going to the beach, playing guitar, trying to find myself.) And to this day I go back and forth between polar ends of whether to continue to drive. Recently I’ve shy’d towards the task, and at this current point in life that feeling is increasing day by day.

My work commute has been quadrupled since last week and the thing I am obsessing about is how I can avoid driving my car to work (or as little as possible in general.) However given that I needed to test out this new work setting to see if they have all the commuter amenities I need, or if I am going to have to rough it and bird bath in the sink while I keep sweaty clothes hanging somewhere only to stew in my own juices after the night shift was said and done. After having experienced rush hour traffic in a car, I will happily choose the later of the two. My work commute consisted of a mix of laughter at how ridiculous such a task was, and anger at the people who have accepted sitting in a giant metal box in the heat as a ‘normal’ part of life. All it took was one trip to and from new work to make me want to keep my car in the garage for as long as possible.

Call me crazy but I would much rather be transported somewhere by someone else if I am unable to pedal there myself. My headspace and happiness has become a priority in my life and I am willing to not only stand my ground, but also go out of my way to ensure it’s longevity. Los Angeles was not built for mass forms of transportation (buses, subways, trains) or alternate forms of commuting (cycling, walking, etc….) but is making a transition from the vehicular haven that has been popularized by American film. I now have (and have chosen) the option to take a few railways to get to my new job location. Sure there may be some compromises that need to be made like an extended duration of commuting time, or the convenience of leaving whenever you want, but the ends justify the means.

I am glad I own a car. I acknowledge that I am privileged enough to live in a world where this mode of transportation is an option if I want it to be. With that being said, I begin to feel an almost immediate discomfort when I leave the garage. It has nothing to do with personal safety or the type of car I drive and the condition it’s in. It more has to do with what the task of driving is, and it’s effect on the human body. To be sitting down for an extended amount of time and dealing with people who do not possess critical thinking skills in a more direct way that other interactions can be painful, stressful, and depressing.

Much like the rat-race of life, I wish to opt out of this social norm and continue down the path that brings the most joy (makes decision making a whole lot easier this way.)

That is my cliche rant on cars, as said by a skinny tire bike jock.

-until next time….


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