Unused Muscle

Thus begins another trip around the sun. Thusly another attempt at refining unused muscles (that’s enough “thus’s ” for one day.) The year is winding down and the time has come to watch Its a Wonderful Life to remind myself I still am capable of emotions. Post-holiday lethargy is a common occurrence both physically and mentally. I find myself going through a spell of creative constapation and have gotten into a routine of uneventful adulting. 

All that being said, today was the year I discovered cyclocross and cannot grasp how long I have gone without an awesome discipline. We gave the SoCalCross season a go and I consider myself hooked on the competitive and non-competitive aspects of cross. If asked, “What do you like about cross?” My response would be something to the extent of:

  • Combination of enhanced handling with hard efforts
  • Ride profiles keep the rider sharp
  • Less likely to have catastrophic injury

Cross is the discipline where you can ride hard, but not go fast (and I love it.) That and the efforts are shorter, but more frequent (which I enjoy too.) Nowadays, the road bike is in the garage. Still functioning, but a lesser priority. I used to be stoked on the roadie aesthetic. Still can appreciate a well built road bike but value the balance of function and style (70/30 ratio sounds about right.)

Riding bikes, drinking coffee and eating plants are hard-wired into my character. Not much has changed in that respect. Interests have slightly shifted. Still can’t seem to shake the sweet release of death and being able to comprehend the illness that is my mental health, but hey, one can dream. 

As of recently, dreams have been creeping back into my psyche. That and wanting to give my creative side another go. Getting a new job three months ago has me wound back up into a secure routine that keeps me from panic and anxiety. Now that I have found myself in a position of comfort in the workplace, I can now go back to flexing that creativity muscle. 

Until next time….


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