ISO Skepticism and Understanding

Still reflecting about the year that has gone by. Still thinking about the new things I have learned and how it currently shapes my outlook. There was a point in time where the neurosis was at an all time high. Books and changes in social scenery have helped shaped me into a new level of comfort to keep the existential manic panic at bay.

Remember when you first learned about the human body and you were able to describe what was going on every time your heart pumped? Or when you found yourself in a setting outside of school in which you got to test out that foreign language you’ve been studying for so long? Those same emotional highs come when applying logical principles to everyday experiences. Much like proofs in geometry (only to keep the academic theme going) being able to trace how and why things are the way they are with credible and reliable sources make sound statements no matter the context.

To go even further, when you are practicing this type of communication and notice that others are not able to follow or believe in something that you have a solid grasp and explanation on shows a lot of character. A whole new level of understanding can be reached without directly poking and prodding in the all too familiar traditional way.

I like to think that I am able to communicate well in most circumstances. So when I come across people whom I cannot get a point across,curiosity sparks. Why is this person not understanding me? Where did the disconnect begin? How can I mend the disconnect and not come off as a rude and intrusive armchair psychologist? I do not have an answer for most of these but do attempt to make an effort to solve the issues as they come up. 

The irony lies all within the grand scheme of things. If asked why would I go out of my way to make sure that everyone is understood in most steps in any and all forms of communication, my response would be because once all of that is said and done the conversation is over. Mission accomplished.

If I (or someone other than myself) can get a point across in as few words as possible, it means we can all move on with our lives and avoid redundancy. This is the end goal. Say what you need to say in the most efficient and concise way you can, and lets drop it. Coming from a place of concern as always.

Until next time….


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