Choices and Rewards

Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to reserve this time to ask that you give yourselves a celebratory commendation in your own unique way. Why is that? Well thank you for asking. The reason being is that you are more aware of your actions than you may or may not be aware. I am a firm believer that mindfulness is paramount when it comes to progressive living. The more aware we are of any type of a situation, the better off we are as a society, a species, and as an acquaintance to one another. Some people may be wondering what is he getting at, and the time has come to share to what all these hints are leading towards.

Let’s devote two minutes to summarizing our current lifestyle in which we live. There are many spectrums that many people fall under. Whether we have chosen a more formal route to our existance, or an alternative path has shown to be in our favor, or is something we want to pursuit, regardless of logistics our foreseeable outcomes. To begin to dial things back, there has to have been some type of personal experience that has led us to lead the lives we live in our current day and age. The point I would like to stress is that there is some level of credence that is involved societally with why we have made the life choices we have made leading up to this point. 

For example, I know I should be looking for a better paying job with more to offer for the amount of time and effort and flexibility I put into what pays the bills at this time. I should consider managing my finances in such a way that I begin to put funds away for a “rainy day” and begin the practice of saving for a foreseeable time when I am physically no longer able to work. I should consider the health of my organs and how much stress I am putting on them given the current descisions I am making. All of these thoughts are perpetually in the back of my head. And whether I choose to give into these thoughts and behaviors, I am mindful enough to be able to choose to be or not to be, while understanding what my options are. 

I can remember a time when I would casually overhear my dad use the phrase, ” I know I should _____, but I’m choosing to _____.” This has never really begun to sink in until about a year from now. This choice subconsciencely proves that we are aware of our surroundings enough to recognize that we are making a goood or a bad decision. 

And that, is worthy of praise. What you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you ( and is subject to judgement from third parties) and at the very least is an empowering perspective on our surroundings. I cannot help but feel that this will come off as, ‘no big deal’ for some people, and can be a plausible perspective; however my point still remains. Whether you choose to live your life in a self-destructive way is your own choice as a human being. Your awareness of the actions your choose to make are what give everything spice to the experience. 

With all that being said, lets take some time to (if anything) acknowledge how in control we are of our own fate. Regardless of which path we choose to take, our perspective on our existence is worthy of admiration. And I believe we are all deserving of said admiration. Until next time….


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