Revisiting the Roots

Over the weekend I found myself revisiting when I was at a crossroad in my life. Lightly treading along the border of nostalgia, one might come across things about themselves they wish to keep out of the cosmos.

This birthday vaca had me taking a trip back in time. When I flew with the flock that is family where I could have very well ended up being a part of lake-bro culture which remains a time capsule to this present day. A lot of machinery in the form of mobile homes, water crafts, as well as four wheel drive trucks. Lots of tan skin with backwards baseball caps and cargo shorts. A World of picky eaters with an ear for the zombie-like trance one enters when listening to top 40 pop hits. Its not too hard to think that I could have ended up living my life in such a way.

Not to discredit the positive times that were spent being a part of lake culture. I waxed heavily on the perks I received from making frequent trips during my childhood. Seeing things with a new lense, I do not feel threatened by the rural white population that is omnipresent. There was intact a mix of races that made things comforting. While there is no philosophical journey one takes when going to a lake (check in, set up camp, get boat in water, make every planning action an ordeal.) No Joshua Tree experiences. More a rural escape for those that enjoy outdoor recreational stuff that involves water crafts.

In the present day and age, I can safely say that I no longer identify with these people. While it isn’t all that difficult to get a pulse on the type of fun lake people are into, I know we share few things in common, which makes the commitment and effort less worthy. So instead, we made the best of the weekend and enjoyed each other’s company in an organic way. 

Another year has passed. Another phase of life has begun to present itself. The constant evolving will proceed and I will be along for the ride. Its not everyday where we get to look at ourselves from a past life and how we have come to escape. Until you see your lifestyle through the lense of another, true understanding will be missed. Perhaps that’s why lake culture is such a time capsule. Perhaps its the people that have come to accept this way of life and do not see anything wrong with it. Why change a good thing? If this is something you might enjoy, why disrupt the effort? This is what I imagine happens when more people refuse to mix and mingle with people other than themselves. A lack of diversity keeps the cultural flavor bland and dated. Not me. I’ll stick to eating plants and keeping my legs as strong as I can.

Until next time….


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